Workshop application

In the case of buildings under construction, it is better to opt for an application in our workshop that offers better conditions.

The glass or plastic are delivered on frames in our premises where they will be equipped. After the appropriate drying time (1-2 weeks), the modules will be carefully packed and shipped to the site. Once dry, the glasses can be manipulated to the suction cup.

Site application

For existing buildings, we can work directly on site, both indoors and outdoors. Our experienced teams can adapt to almost all installation conditions.

It will be necessary to add the quotation of needed equipment (scaffolding, platforms ...) as well as travel expenses. The area to be fitted must be protected from dust (especially in case of construction) to obtain optimal results.

Application abroad

We carry out projects around the world :Europe, USA, China, Japan, Qatar ... We engage in manufacturing and sending films on the site and locally in the management of a team of installers to our working methods, to ensure good end result.

From consulting to implementation, we support the overall responsibility for the operation to simplify and optimize the execution of each project.