Still have a priori about window films ?

Our films, specially made according to our demanding specifications, resist to time and light in outstanding way:

> Very high resistance to climatic aggressions outdoors.

> Great durability thanks to a special UV stabilization, which prevents any risk of discoloration, yellowing, cracking or delamination.

> High adherence glue, UV stabilized.

> Enhanced protection and easy care thanks to an additional anti-scratch film.

> Fire resistance M1 on glass and specific polycarbonate.

N.B : All Glace Contrôle films are intended to be applied on glass or plastics indoors or outdoors.

Therefore, they are considered as decorative elements that are not part of the closed / covered of the building structure. They are therefore not subject to the decenal warranty.

Technical expertise

We always carry a risk analysis for thermal breaks for any type and brand of glazing combined with the chosen film: solar factor, temperature of the components in order to be in conformity with the norm NF DTU 39 P3

These analyzes are performed using specific methods developed with our partners: CSTB, CEA, CEBTP

They are based on :
- norm NF P78-201-3
- The glazing computation software of CEBTP.


The exceptional performance of our films allows to offer an additional warranty called 'Bonne tenue" from 5 to 10 years.

This warranty granted under the terms of an insurance contract is not mandatory and gives rise to the payment of a specific premium. It covers any problems of adherence and durability of our products for installation indoors and outdoors.



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