Company established in 1981.
Initially Glace Controle was specialized in application of polyester protection films for:

- Solar: energy release, with metallized and tinted films (Canopy Villepinte in 1984).

- UV filtration: valuables and artwork protection (Museums of France).

- Safety glazing, anti break windows (Air France ticket offices around the world).

The first decorative films came slightly later:

- Film presenting a frosted glass aspect to create private spaceses

- White striped films (BNP)


Glace Contrôle truly developed its activity of decorative film for glass and windows in 1992 with the holographic film Aurore, which was used in 1994 to equip the Euralille Center designed by Jean Nouvel

Then the managers invested in research and created a completely innovating product on the glass and film market: Lumière & Transparence © (Light & Transparency) which enables the reproduction of any high definition image up to a large scale by injecting directly inside the film transparent pigments.

"At that time, the market for windows films was only concerning temporary displays since the product was mainly vinyl based and wasn't durable. Moreover, there were not fully transparent images."

This process protected by three patents, enables to use the glass as a new medium, with outstanding outdoor durability.

"Our first glass front walls were equipped in 1997, since that date they haven't suffer damage (yellowing, cracking, delamination…. we are confident in they durability for many other years in the same conditions!""

Special orders

Glace Contrôle is now becoming a specialist in made to measure projects, creating new products to suit every application.

"We create films conceived for the project. The architects who contact us generally have a visual idea of what they want and know the technical constraints requested. We advise them and suggest making prototypes and technical feasibility studies. "

"Our added-value is linked with our products, our technical expertise, our skills and experience. They are in use every day to meet our customers new challenges."

The company still develops new technologies to offer more solutionsto creators:

- Funny Film dichroic

- Angle of view film GCVA

- Projection screen films which enables to obtain a completely transparent screen with a sharp and bright image.

- Cut out pattern technology, enabling to create patterns.

- Printing technology on polyester fabrics.

- Creation of special lighting products.