Lumière & Transparence

You like the glass for its transparency? its purity? So do we.

Lumière & Transparence©

A unique decorative window film totally transparent

  • > Unique technology of transferring images
  • > 3 patents
  • > Technical expertise upstream project
  • > Solar control, UV protection (film and glue)
  • > Unmatched durability in all market solutions
  • > Bonne Tenue warranty up to 10 years outside by insurance contract.
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A customized project


Glace Contrôle is specialized since 1981 in the development and application of window films. Today, we are building on our experience, our expertise and our advanced technology to create innovative films for upscale decoration on glass and solar protection.


Give an artistic dimension to the glass and at the same time meet the technical constraints is our specialty.

We can study and "build" together your customized film thanks to our technical expertise, to fit your aesthetic expectations while ensuring for example a solar protection.


You can make your customized windowfilm with our patented technology :

Pictures, photos, infinite choice of colors, gradients, etc... on transparent bases, metallized or diffusing, cutted patterns, iridescent and holographic films... the possibilities are endless!


Our films are engineered to last : extremely resistant, UV stabilized mass and glue, they retain intense colors and perfect grip.

They can be applied indoors or outdoors and can be guaranteed "bonne tenue" up to 10 years with specific contract of insurance.